The Evaluation of Secondary School’s Fifth Grade Social Studies Curriculum

Gürbüz Ocak 1, Zeynep Gökteke 2 *

Mediterranean Journal of Social & Behavioral Research, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp. 3-9

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The studies state that there have been come across some problems, shortcomings and insufficiencies during the implementation of renewed Social Studies Curriculum based on constructivist approach in Turkey.  The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the Fifth Grade Social Sudies Curriculum in terms of its needs assessment, goals, content, teaching-learning process and assessment process subject to curriculum development basis. The data was collected through “Curriculum Evaluation Analysis Form”, developed by an academic in Curriculums and Instruction Department of Afyon Kocatepe University and 3 doctoral students in the same area and analyzed through document analysis. The reliabilty of scale was calculated as 0.8. It is concluded that the curriculum was developed on the basis of constructivist approach in terms of its objectives, content, teaching-learning process and assessment process, but it is seen that the objectives are determined without consideration of students’ intrest and level and also there is disregardation of regional discrepancies in the process of determination of needs.